Club Show 2018 EN

Full name (mandatory)

Email address (mandatory)

I am a member of SIC (mandatory)
 Yes No

Entered dog's breed (mandarory)
 Cirneco dell'Etna Italian Greyhound

Entered dog's sex (mandarory)
 Male Female

The entered dog's name and titles (mandatory)

The entered dog's birthdate in the format (mandatory)

Entered dog's father's name and titles (mandatory)

Entered dog's mother's name and titles (mandatory)

Entered dog's owners (mandatory)

Entered dog's breeder (mandatory)

Entered dog's pedigree nr. / kennel club registry nr. (mandatory)

I want to enter my dog to the following class (mandatory):

I also want to participate in the following special class:

If you have entered into Progeny class:
 The dog is the class mother/father The dog is offspring

Additional information / Message to show organizers:

Copy/Receipt/Slip of paid entry fee (mandatory, max. 2 MB. If entering into a class that is free of charge, just insert any photo file):

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