28.06.2014 Forssa

Tuomari: Leni Finne

ROP, RYP-3 Soltar’s Wish Upon A Star
VSP Soltar’s Truly Madly Deeply

Soltar’s Wish Upon A Star JUN ERI1 SA PU1 SERT ROP RYP-3 (23p)
Soltar’s King Of Diamonds NUO ERI1
H-Ley Wilkes In Germaude’s Memory Of Magistris AVO ERI1
Soltar’s Blue My Mind VAL ERI1 SA PU2 (6p)

Eledi Grace Isabella Ines JUN EH2
Soltar’s Truly Madly Deeply JUN ERI1 SA PN1 SERT VSP (11p)
Ylladian Heart Cold As Ice NUO ERI1 SA
Kianciana Of Devils Pigeons AVO ERI1 SA PN3 VASERT (6p)
Soltar’s Iron Lady VAL ERI2 PN4 (4p)
Ylladian Magnolia VAL ERI1 SA PN2 (8p)

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